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Insurance is a matter of trust.

As an indepentent insurance agency,

F.A.R.M.1, LLC specializes in Crop Insurance for

Illinois, Iowa, & Missouri.


We understand agricultual risk management

and can help you match the right

crop insurance product to your risk management needs.  


Since we are indepentent agency, we can look for the policy your farm needs.

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             **Invoices will be sent out showing your discount**


  • Call in with any damage caused by hail, wind, or greensnap.

  • Have livestock?! Contact Michelle today and get set up for Livestock Risk Protection (LRP), a program designated to protect against the declining market prices.  A variety of coverage levels and insurance periods are available.


  • F.A.R.M.1 also provides Pasture, Rangeland, & Forage (PRF)       which is well subsidized and affordable for producers to be     able to offset the cost of additional feed expenses during time of drought to help protect your bottom line.   

   **Sign up by November 15th**





Hail Discount Deadline:  August 15th

 CFAP Deadline:  August 28th

Wheat Sign Up:  September 30th

PRF Signup:  November 15th


MPCI Invoices


Invoices are to be mailed out around or after August 15th. 

If you would like a copy of your Schedule of Insurance,

please give us a call and we will get that to you.

The Schedule of Insurance gives you unit/acre

 look of your policy.


*If you have any questions, please feel free to call  We are happy to help!*



 We are now open for business, however, for the safety of all of you as well as my staff, please call ahead to make an appointment for acreage reporting and other orders of business.  Feel free to call my cell 309.337.0753 or the office number 309.927.2377.


We are very blessed with all of you and know we will get through this.  Prayers for a safe an favorable season and a blessed 2020!  Thank you all!!

2020 Projected Price (Base Price) for

Corn: PP- $3.88

Beans: PP- $9.17

Organic Corn: PP- $8.67

Organic Beans: PP- $18.03

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