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Insurance is a matter of trust.

As an indepentent insurance agency,

F.A.R.M.1, LLC specializes in Crop Insurance for

Illinois, Iowa, & Missouri.


We understand agricultual risk management

and can help you match the right

crop insurance product to your risk management needs.  


Since we are indepentent agency, we can look for the policy your farm needs.

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For the safety of all of you as well as my staff, we have also been told to close until April 30th and can meet by appointment if needed by contacting me at 309.337.0753. 


We do have all policies in place for the 2020 crop year.  We do need to meet in regards of some of your production numbers as well as hail applications but those are able to wait until we return. 


If you need any assistance or have any questions, we will still be at our homes working and will be able to assist you.  We are very blessed with all of you and know we will get through this.  Please stay home and stay safe.  Prayers that planting season will begin soon and we have a blessed 2020!  Thank you all!!






Fulton, Hancock, Henderson, Knox, McDonough, Peoria, Warren



Earliest Plant Date:  4.5.20

Final Plant Date:  6.5.20

End of Late PP:  6.25.20



Fulton, Hancock, McDonough, Peoria

Earliest Plant Date:  4.15.20

Final Plant Date:  6.20.20

End of Late PP:  7.15.20


Henderson, Knox, Warren

Final Plant Date:  6.15.20

End of Late PP:  7.10.20


Report Acres By:  7.15.20

Billing Date:  8.15.20



Please have ALL production reported to us by April 29th.


Also remember, we can recertify your past production if there are changes!


2020 Projected Price (Base Price) for

Corn: PP- $3.88

Beans: PP- $9.17

Organic Corn: PP- $8.67

Organic Beans: PP- $18.03

MFP Payments - Update information to come.

LRP (Cattle Insurance) Available Today!

Call for more info.

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