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  Corn Rates Soybean Rates
Illinois - Statewide per $100/Acre Coverage Varies by County $ .75/100


Corn Bundle : Hail/Wind-Green Snap/Extra Harvest 8%/Replant Acre 1 $70.00. 

                                    **Example: $800 coverage an acre cost is $15.49/Acre or $1.94/100 (Henderson County)


**Must be signed up by March 15, 2024**


Basic Hail:

-Corn Covered Perils: (Special Provisions)

-Hail / Fire & Lightining - Transit Coverage (up to 50 mi.) Fire Department Surcharge, up to $250.00

-Vandalism (minimum $100, up to Limit).  

NAU Country
  Corn Rates Soybean Rates
Illinois Varies by County $ .80/100

Wind Bundle:  0% Deductible Available

Rain & Hail

  Corn Rates Soybean Rates
Illinois Varies by County $ -- /100

Coverage will take effect the earlier of 12:01 A.M. the second day following the date you and your agent sign the application or two hours after company's processing department receives and approves the application.  


Coverage provided on acre-by-acre basis (excluding production hail and production wind endoresements).


**To my producers in Iowa, please call for all rates with NAU Country, Hudson, & AgriSompo **


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